LessThanUThink is a student-run, student-generated campaign that uses humor to emphasize the negative social and physical consequences of college-age binge drinking.


The Century Council, now the Foundation of Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR), challenged student teams competing in the 2009 American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition to create an integrated communications campaign that combats binge drinking on college campuses. The University of Alabama's Ad Team responded with rigorous primary and secondary research that determined the best way to reach college students about this sensitive topic is through humor. The LessThanUThink campaign emerged when talented student designers and strategists put this research into practice, aiming to reflect the embarrassing consequences of over-consumption.

LessThanUThink won AAF's Seventh District and placed second in the national competition, just one-tenth of a point behind the first place team. Afterward, FAAR selected LTUT as one of the first four campaigns to be implemented on the campuses where they originated. Since then, LTUT has been run by advertising and public relations students in Capstone Agency, a student-run, integrated communications firm at The University of Alabama.


LTUT launched its first campaign in fall 2010 after receiving $75,000 from FAAR to implement a campaign at The University of Alabama. The six-week campaign utilized social media, local media outlets and promotional events to spread the LTUT message and featured exciting promotional events such as a flash mob, tailgates and local bar initiatives. LTUT at bars? Absolutely! The partnership was a natural fit because responsible consumption is a goal shared by both parties, and college students were able to enjoy the creative materials coming from other students just like them.


  • To increase awareness of the definition of binge drinking: Four to five standard drinks in a two-hour period 

  • To increase awareness of the undesired results, situations and consequences associated with the
    over-consumption of alcohol among students

  • To increase the number of students at universities who will associate the over-consumption of alcohol with negative social and physical consequences and consider monitoring their drinking habits


Also known as the specific guidelines LessThanUThink follows when creating campaigns and producing content:

  • Use polished, attractive design to deglamorize the nationwide issue of college-age binge drinking

  • Share the definition of binge-drinking as a guideline, not a judgement – create conversations without preaching

  • Give people the space to wrestle with what the campaign says to them about this deeply personal issue

  • Aim to be different, avoiding scare-tactics and low-hanging fruit, because research shows our approach works


  • LTUT campaigns have been on 11+ college campuses across the U.S. and 2 in Argentina

  • LTUT campaigns have received 100% positive media attention for partner campuses

  • LTUT campaigns have over 100+ awards from regional and national Ad/PR competitions​