Bring Shaq to UA


In 2011, shortly after completing film school, Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq) partnered with The Century Council to fight college-age binge drinking. He wanted to work with college students across the country to produce public service announcements addressing this national issue.

The LTUT team at Alabama launched a social media campaign "#GetShaqToUA," to convince Shaq to visit UA and film a PSA. After 16 days, Shaq tweeted, "@LTUT --- I'm coming to 'Bama to tape the spot re:binge drinking but not until 2012. Will u wait 4 me?" The answer was "Yes!" While visiting UA on April 6, 2012, Shaq filmed the PSA that launched that fall, which is linked below.

The clip was featured inside the stadium for the Men's 2013 SEC BCS National Championship and was sponsored by Bacardi U.S.A., a donor to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. For LTUT's coverage from the BCS National Championship by WVUA, click here: