Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut

The first implementation at SHU was during spring 2014 and focused on encouraging students to have a safe spring break.


During this campaign, the LTUT SHU team hosted several events including: Pack the Pitt, an LTUT Beach Party, a LTUT Flashmob, a happy hour event and a Valentine’s Day information table. 

Fall and Halloween

Fall 2014 was the second implementation hosted on SHU's campus.


Events from this implementation include: Fresh Check Day, a pre-concert event before Eli Young Band, Red’s Pub Night, a football game against Saint Francis University and several more.


To check out the success of this campaign, visit our Facebook page and follow LTUT on Twitter @LTUThink and use the hashtag #LTUTSHU.


Sacred Heart is a long time LTUT partner and supporter of the campaign's message.

Check out what they've done over the years!

Spring Break 2014


And three years later, our partnership with Sacred Heart University is still going strong!

The first SHU implementation took place in spring 2014, with the mission to encourage responsible consumption during spring break. The campaign was such a huge success that it returned in the fall to inspire students to have a safe fall and Halloween. For 2017, LTUT brought back another Spring Break initiative for all Pioneers to enjoy! SHU had events happening all throughout February.


SHU had an amazing turnout for the Dodgeball Tournament!

The event kicked-off with 24 teams ready to take the LTUT Dodgeball Tournament title. After two hours of fierce competition, C's Team took home the title and the glory for the Spring 2017 Dodgeball Tournament. Check out photos from the event below:

Spring Break 2017


SHULTUT challenged its students during the Pour Your Own Drink event to see if students knew the correct amount. Several students were surprised to find out the amount of a standard drink is less than they thought. Check out photos from the event below: