The University of Alabama

LessThanUThink was created and implemented in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at The University of Alabama in fall 2010 and spring 2012. During the fall 2010 campaign, LTUT hosted several events, including Happy Hour, bar events, photo scavenger hunt and Rising Tide tailgates.



In 2011, Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq) partnered with The Century Council to fight college-age binge drinking. 

The LTUT team at Alabama launched a social media campaign "#GetShaqToUA," to convince Shaq to visit UA and film a PSA.


After 16 days, Shaq tweeted, "@LTUT --- I'm coming to 'Bama to tape the spot re:binge drinking but not until 2012. Will u wait 4 me?" While visiting UA on April 6, 2012, Shaq filmed the PSA.

The clip was featured inside the stadium for the Men's 2013 SEC BCS National Championship and was sponsored by Bacardi U.S.A. For LTUT's coverage from the BCS National Championship by WVUA, click here:

Spring Break 2015

The University of Alabama Spring Break 2015 campaign took place the week before spring break. The campaign focused on encouraging students to have a safe spring break and practice responsible drinking habits.

During the spring campaign, the LTUT Alabama team hosted several events, including a LTUT Beach Party and a "Jelly Belly" table, where students learned the number of calories that were in their favorite spring break drinks.

During these events, posters were hung, LTUT SWAG was given away and students were reminded of the negative social consequences of binge drinking.

Halloween 2015

LessThanUThink set up stations at the Ferguson Student Center to debunk the "spookiness" of college-age binge drinking.

LTUT members gave away free SWAG and continued to promote safer drinking habits during the Halloween holiday.